About Me

Abdullah Saeed

Hello and welcome to my website.

Something about my academic background: I hold degrees from Australia and overseas. I received a BA in Arab/Islamic Studies from Saudi Arabia in 1986. I then joined the University of Melbourne (Australia) and received my PhD in Islamic Studies in 1992. I also completed a Master of Arts degree in Applied Linguistics at the University of Melbourne. In 1993, I joined the then Department of Asian Languages and Anthropology at the University of Melbourne as a Lecturer, rising to Senior Lecturer in 1996, Associate Professor in 2000 and a full professor in 2003. I was appointed Sultan of Oman Professor of Arab and Islamic Studies in 2003. In 2010, I was elected Fellow of Australian Academy of Humanities.

My research focus is the negotiation of text and context, ijtihad and interpretation. I am a strong advocate of reform of Islamic thought. My publications cover Qur’anic hermeneutics, Islam and human rights, Islamic law reform, Muslim communities in Australia, and Islam and freedom of religion. I write for both scholarly and general audiences.


Abdullah Saeed

I have taught Arabic and Islamic Studies at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Among these subjects are: Great Texts of Islam: Qur’an; Great Empires of Islamic Civilization; Principles of Islamic Finance; Qur’anic Hermeneutics; Principles of Islamic Law; Islam and Human Rights; and Islam and Muslims in Australia.

I am involved in interfaith dialogue between Muslims and people of other faiths. I also teach short courses on Islam and Islamic culture for government, business and community organisations. I am on the board of a number of national and international bodies and travel widely. I have a broad range of professional and research relationships around the world. [Please see above-right for downloadable CV]