Title Publication Publication Date Translations Download
Reflections on Muslim Debates on Human Rights Today: The Right to Freedom of Belief and Religion In Brian Galligan (ed.). Human Rights in Asia. Cheltenham Glos UK: Edward Elgar Publishing. 18pp
How Muslims View the scriptures of the People of the Book: Towards a Reassessment? In Luca Anceschi, Joseph A. Camilleri, Ruwan Palapathwala & Andrew Wicking (eds). Religion and Ethics in A Globalizing World – Conflict, Dialogue And Transformation. Palgrave Macmillan. 25pp
Reflections on the Establishment of Shari’a ‘Courts’ in Australia In Rex Ahdar and Nicholas Aroney (eds). Shari’a in the West. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 24pp.
Prof Saeed was awarded the Order of Australia (AM) for contribution to development of Islamic Studies and interfaith dialogue.
Prof Saeed participated in the Building Bridges Seminar held in Doha in May 2013