Muslim Australians: Their Beliefs, Practices and Institutions

Prof. Abdullah Saeed
Publication Date: 
Commonwealth Government

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As part of a national project which looked into the role of religion in Australian society, this book is a brief introductory text to the religion of Islam and in particular how it is practiced in Australia. After the events of September 11, 2001 and the Bali bombing in 2002, media coverage of Islam and Muslims led to increased anxiety about Islam in Australia but also to a significant increase in interest about the religion of Islam and its adherents. While the media discourse often tends to imply that Muslims are a homogenous group, this book shows their diversity.The book presents an overview of the beliefs, practices and institutions of Islam. It provides basic information about Muslims in Australia, such as: commonalities and differences, Muslim sacred places and texts, and the relationship of Islam to the state and Australian citizenship. A variety of voices within Islam on a number of issues of common concern are presented. Issues covered include women in Islam, the Islamic view of other religions and also Islamic teachings about violence, Islamic banking, Islamic schools and Muslim community organisations. It also contains useful contact details and other references related to Islam in Australia.