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Islam and Human Rights

Participation in the Sultan of Oman Chairs Symposium 1-3 November 2010

Prof Saeed participated in the Sultan of Oman Chairs Symposium held in Muscat 1-3 November 2010 and presented a paper on Orientalism and the Development of Islamic Studies in Australia.

Abdullah Saeed elected Fellow of Australian Academy of Humanities

The Australian Academy of Humanities in November 2009 elected Prof Abdullah Saeed a Fellow of the Academy

Opinion piece on Islamic banking and interest

On Islamic banking and interest

Lecture on trends in contemporary Islam: Singapore 17 July

A lecture on trends of contemporary Islamic thought organised by RIMA, Singapore at Grand Hyatt Hotel

Participation in Singapore multiculturalism conference July 13-16

Presented a paper on Muslims and pluralism as well as on the need to rethink religious 'other'

VIDEO: Should face veil (burqa) be banned in Australia?

Should Australia follow various European countries and ban the face veil (burqa, niqab)? Abdullah Saeed argues Australia does not need to follow. It is only relatively few women in the West who wear the face veil (burqa). If they want to wear it, let them wear it. There is no need to ban it. In fact, banning may lead to an increase in its adoption by some Muslims as a symbol of protest.. Women who want to wear the face veil (burqa) should have the right to wear it. However, they should not argue that the society should allow them for example to work in professions where showing one's face is a basic requirement. In some cases, public interest (maslaha) may also demand that only people who are prepared to show who they are (for example by showing their faces) are permitted to enter certain areas, places, buildings and the like. Such measures should not be seen as discriminatory.

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