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Muslims and Christians: Where do we Stand?

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September 11, 2001 changed the life of Muslims in the West, including in Australia. As we all know, Muslims in Australia today, their beliefs, values, practices and institutions, are under the microscope. There is a fear among many Muslims in Australia, a fear that is difficult to explain. In their turn, Muslims are feared by many non-Muslim Australians, many of them Christians. In this presentation, I will focus on three issues: ...

Please Explain: Islamic Banking

"For the past 1400 years or so, Muslims have been debating this issue of what exactly 'riba' is. And the vast majority of Muslims have come to the view that riba equals interest."


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Launching the National Centre of Excellence for Islamic Studies

Media references in relation to the launch of Australia's National Centre of Excellence for Islamic Studies.

These rantings don't reflect Muslim ideals

The Australian

Date: 27th of October, 2006

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Books that Shook the World: The Qur'an

Late Night Live, ABC Radio National

Date: 19th of October, 2006

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Spiritual Classics Pt 5: Islam

The Spirit of Things, ABC Radio National

Date: 28th of May, 2006

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Muslims and a citizenship test

The Australian

Date: 3rd of May, 2006